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Where Science meets Art! Interact with your brainwaves workshop!

Brainlight provides a unique educational and curriculum aligned incursion workshop for primary, secondary and tertiary schools, museums , festivals and community programs. This workshop “illuminates” how the brain works through interacting with the Brainlight technology and teaches students about neuroscience and mindfulness in a fun way that is relevant to each age group.

In this highly interactive workshop students will learn about:

  • Neuroscience– what are brainwaves? How does the brain work? What are electrical impulses?
  • Emotional intelligence– learn about how the brain responds when you feel different emotions (stress, anger, excitement, calm) and learn how to gain control of them.
  • Mindfulness– See what your brain looks like when you are calm and meditative and learn to retain that state.
  • Data Visualisation-  Learn about the new field of data visualisation see the electrical activity of the brain transmitted from a wireless EEG headset be transformed into light.
  • New Brain-Computer Interface technologies (EEG): Experience first hand how a non-invasive EEG (Electroencephalography) devices work and what the possibilities are for these devices in the future, eg. mind controlled wheelchairs
  • How art, design, science & technology can collide: Learn how these interdisciplinary fields can benefit each other and the importance of being multidisciplinary in the future.

This popular program is lead by Brainight creator & multidisciplinary artist Laura Jade, who holds a masters in Lighting Design and degrees in Art, Biology & Science Communication as well as 8 years experience teaching creative workshops. The Brainlight has been demonstrated at major museums in Sydney and in institutions nationally and internationally.

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